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Explore the world as Reynald Fox, an archeologist on an expedition to recover a set of ancient, cursed artifacts: The Golden Scarabs!

Discover new worlds, solve puzzles, dig underground, collect artifacts, upgrade your equipment, and defeat cursed creatures as you attempt to restore nature to its original splendour in this whimsical puzzle-adventure game!

Reynald's Expedition started as a weekend game jam game titled "Tricky Trot" based on the theme of using a single mechanic for multiple purposes. It was a simple game where digging was the key mechanic and you had to solve a string of puzzles by using your digging drill to break walls, attack, and dig to swap between the underground and above-ground layers of the puzzle boards. As we approached the end of the jam, we quickly realized that the concept had a lot more potential and decided to continue its development and turn it into a full title.

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Your fox is really cute! :)
Good luck with the game, you two!